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Bit of a Memory & Opportunity Lost

Within my university classes recently, we’ve been discussing the educational system and how it may be a disabling factor for some of our students receiving educational support. This has been my career, mind you, so my hope is that I didn’t lose many of the following kinds of opportunities. I recall a day walking the […]

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Discussing trauma and resilience

Having recently read Dr. Bruce Perry and Oprah Winfrey’s book entitled, What Happened to You? Conversations on Trauma, Resilience, and Healing (2021), I am pondering about how our educational and medical systems are right in the midst of all of this. Currently, humans are experiencing trauma on a daily basis due to some uncontrollable factors. […]

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I’ve created this blog as a place to inform, to ask questions, and for discussions to occur. I walk many paths in life and love to stay in touch with like-minded others on each path, so please join me on any paths you wish. Speech-Language Pathologist Early Childhood Educator Family member of brain tumor survivor […]

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