Freelance Writer

Being asked to adapt Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book to be accessible for those with limited literacy skills was an honor, albeit quite a challenge to alter his strategically chosen words. Living in Vermont, where Kipling spent time writing, Robert Frost scribed poems and talented writers continue to create, is one of my best life choices.

Like many writers, I recall my early years of writing stories at my parents’ desk. Through my teens, I wrote poetry, which helped me make some sense of the matters of racial discord and riots of the 1960s. Placing my ideas on paper, alleviated some of my angst about the Vietnam War where two of my three brothers were stationed. Pouring words onto paper helped me navigate adolescent relationships.

Writing is my equilibrium, my comfort, and my passion. I thrive within the zone, focused on creating plots and characters. I love to play with language and I get a level of accomplishment from editing my work. To have a finished product to share with others is quite satisfying.