Telehealth Opportunities

In an effort to assist communities struggling to employ licensed speech-language pathologists in the US and abroad, I offer my services via telehealth opportunities. During this Covid pandemic of 2020-2021, telehealth has become even more prevalent as a means of providing speech-language therapy in a safe and successful manner. I have carried on providing services to toddlers through coaching their parents to better communication efforts supporting their developing children. The American Speech, Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) recognizes telehealth as a viable means for speech-language pathologists to provide services in a variety of locations, including rural areas.  “Telepractice is closely aligned with ASHA’s vision: ‘to make effective communication, a human right, accessible and achievable for all'” (The ASHA Leader, March 15, 2011, Vol. 16 No.3; p. 22.).

I provide live transmission teleconferencing to consult with parents or a team working with a child and family. I offer analysis of video recordings of a child or student, providing analysis of the language, communications, and speech. I offer child or student evaluations and educational planning.

In the case of consultation for an infant or toddler, I teleconference within the home with family and other team members. I’ve provided synchronous telehealth services across the Atlantic and within the rural areas of my small state of Vermont.

With older students, I work directly with a speech-language pathology assistant (SLPA) in your area who will accompany the student during synchronous sessions. Through my guidance and supervision, the SLPA will provide hands-on programming. I will observe and analyze the session then provide feedback to the SLPA for progressing forward, modeling, and trying new techniques as needed. To complete the process, I provide a thorough written report of my ongoing assessment for each session.

I strictly abide by ASHA’s Code of Professional Ethics.

Fees for these services will be discussed upon request.

To inquire about services please email: