Workshops presented

Speech & Language Development    An overview of communication development in the first eight years.  

General Red Flags for Speech & Language Differences     Learn some of the warning signs within early communication efforts.

The Importance of Play in Developing Vocabulary     Learn how to support healthy social/emotional growth through early play experiences while developing early literacy skills.

Stanley Greenspan’s DIR® Model and Floortime™ Procedures    Learn how to positively support a child’s developing foundations of emotional, social, communicative, and intellectual well-being through Dr. Greenspan’s established model.

Working with Children Either Diagnosed or Suspected of Autism    Learn how to accept and work with these intriguing children while discussing the necessity to individualize programming. 

Behaviors and Communications – Are They Related? You bet!    Learn how to turn negative behaviors into positive communications.  

The Inclusive Classroom OR Integrating Speech-Language Services into the Classroom – Inclusionary Practices  Learn how to fully integrate children with special needs and their services into the classroom setting, considering the environment, schedule, accommodations, and how to create positive peer interactions.