I have known Kate Ross in several capacities. As a colleague in the early intervention program, I learned so much from Kate’s thorough reports and recommendations that she provided for families. I admire Kate’s wealth of knowledge in this field and her respect for the families with whom she works. As the director of the University of Vermont’s Speech-Language Pathology Assistant Program and a professor, she encouraged me to apply to become a speech-language pathology assistant (SLPA). Kate is available to her students and works at creating cohesiveness among students in the online environment. She stays connected with her past students by sending job opportunities, news in the field, and constant encouragement. 
Lara Merchant, SLPA

I have worked with Kate Ross while I was an Early Childhood Special Educator, for which she provided me with developmentally appropriate goals for children who were and were not participating in special education. Along with these goals Kate has provided specific activities and strategies to enhance my classroom environment and instruction. I can easily access these resources from Kate’s website. Recently, Kate has been providing consult for specific students through video-recording. She promptly provides verbal and written feedback on the lesson and how it aligns with their goals. This has been successful for planning and moving students through their specific goals.
Amy Lanoue, Early Childhood Special Educator

Our Head Start program has been familiar with Kate’s work for a number of years. Kate presented a workshop for our staff, who work with infants and toddlers. The workshop was “Autism and Early Language Development.” The information disseminated was current and relevant. The staff rated Kate’s effectiveness and knowledge of the topic as excellent. Some comments: “More trainings with Kate Ross!” “This will help me as I work with children and try to assess them.” “This training would be good for all staff!”
Sally Hafer
CVCAC Head Start
Professional Development Manager