Sharing a birthday with Rudyard Kipling is remarkable, though admittedly a one in 365 chance of happening. Being asked to adapt Kipling's The Jungle Book to make it accessible to those with compromised reading skills was an honor, though quite a challenge to alter his strategically chosen words. Living in Vermont, where Kipling spent time writing, where Robert Frost scribed poems, and where talented writers continue to create, is one of my best life choices.

As many writers, I recall my early years, when I sat at my parent's desk, writing stories. I wrote poetry through my teen years, finding a level of comfort to help make sense of the matters of racial discord and riots of the '60's, the Vietnam war where two of my three brothers were stationed, and my own adolescent preoccupations with relationships. I find writing to be my centering. 

My first published book came about because communities in Vermont are small and supportive. From my professional community of early childhood educators emerged an educator turned editor. Upon hearing of my interest in writing, she offered me a project - to write a curriculum book to accompany a CD by Grammy-nominated musicians Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer. The book, entitled as the CD, Help Yourself Activities to Promote Safety & Self-Esteem, was published in 2001 by Redleaf Press, St. Paul, Minnesota.

Since this first publication, I've written informational articles for local newspapers and created activities for other early childhood education books, including The Giant Encyclopedia Book series published by Gryphon House, Beltsville, MD.

Most recently I've completed a text for speech-language pathologists and others working in early intervention entitled Speech-Language Pathologists in Early Childhood Intervention: Working with Infants, Toddlers, Families, and Other Care Providers published by Plural Publishing, Inc., San Diego, CA, 2018.

From my self-published materials, you can find informational handouts I provide to parents and professionals working with children with communication challenges. These can be found within the Speech & Language Pathologist and Early Childhood Consultant sections of this website under "Ideas Sheets". You'll also find free articles about communication issues in Free Self-Published Articles.