What makes Kate Ross unique?

12 Aspects you might want to know

Creative - don't like to follow recipes or patterns.

Problem Solver - research from several angles, love the art of brainstorm.

Observer - people and animal watcher.

Listener - I take the time to listen.

Journal Writer - document important life events.

Traveler - throughout the states and abroad.

Dancer - international and American folk.

Reader - mysteries, non-fiction, biographies, etc.

Walker - in quiet spots, by water - love the ocean.

Organizer - of thoughts, materials, & ideas.

Bookkeeper - of my own business.

Giggler - laughter truly is great medicine.


The Family, Infant and Toddler Program: Our Youngest Citizen  Caledonian Record, The Chronicle, & The Newport Daily  2009

Parenting Our Young Ones  Caledonian Record, The Chronicle, & The Newport Daily  2009

Words are Like Toys!  SCBWI: New England Newsletter, July/August  2006

Educational articles in Bus Stop Conversations (bi-weekly)  The World Publications, Barre, VT  Feb. 2002– 2009 

Prisoner of War: My Dad's WWII Journal (I edited his own words)