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Eliciting n and ng Sounds

Eliciting /n/ Sound

       The /n/ sound is made by placing the tongue tip behind the top front teeth and passing a continuous stream of air over the tongue while simultaneously allowing some air to pass through the nasal cavity.


Initial /n/ words


gnaw                           knife                           knot                             neck                no

gnome                         knight                         nail                              nest                 noise

knee                            knit                             name                           net                   nose

kneel                           knob                            nap                              night               nurse

knife                           knock                          near                            nine                 nut

*** No is a very powerful first assertion of negation.


Final /n/ words


bean                chain               down               hen                  nine                 rain      

bin                   chin                 drain               in                     nun                  shin      

bone                clown              dune                lawn                one                  spoon    

brain               coin                 fan                  line                  pan                  stone     

brown              cone                fawn               loon                 pen                  swan

bun                  crane              gown               man                 phone              throne

can                  crown              green              mane               pin                   train

cane                den                  grin                 moon               plane               van


Eliciting ‘ng’ Sound

       The /ng/ sound is made by cupping the tongue near the roof of the mouth and passing air over the tongue.  Again a bit of air is passed up into the nasal cavity.  The tongue humps up in the back to complete the /ng/ sound.


Final ‘ng’ words

bang                            gang                            ping                             sling   

clang                           gong                            prong                          song

cling                            hang                            ring                             sting

ding                             king                             rung                            string

fang                            long                             sing                             tongue

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