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Eliciting s and z sounds

Eliciting /s/ Sound

       This sound is produced by passing air over the top and front of the tongue out through slightly closed teeth. The tongue should not protrude out of the mouth as this will produce a lisping sound. Air should not flow over the sides of the tongue as this will produce a lateral, or sloppy sound (like Daffy Duck or Sylvester Cat).


Initial /s/ words


cell                              sap                              set                               sod

cent                             sat                               sew                              soft

sack                            save                            sick                             some

sad                              saw                              side                             son

safe                            scent                           sign                             song

sag                              sea                              sill                               soot

said                             seal                             sing                             sore

sail                              search                         sink                             sound

sale                             seat                             sip                               soup

salt                              see                              sit                                sow

Sam                             seed                            size                             sub

same                            seep                            soak                            suds

sand                            seize                           soap                            suit

sang                            sell                              soar                             sun

sank                            send                            sock                            surf


*** “See?” is an early request to gain attention.


Final /s/ words


ace                              face                            kiss                             place

base                            gas                              lace                             plus

blouse                         geese                          lass                              race

bus                              glass                            loose                           rice

case                            goose                          mess                            toss

chess                           grass                           mice                            vase

cross                           house                          miss                             voice

dice                             ice                               moose                          yaks

dress                           juice                           mouse                          yes


Eliciting /z/ Sound

       The /z/ sound is made just like /s/ sound though more air is passed through the vocal system, causing the vocal folds to vibrate - feel your throat as you produce the sound to feel the vibration.


Initial /z/ words


zag                              zee                              zing                             zone

zap                              zero                            zip                               zoo

zeal                             zest                             zipper                         zoom

*** “Zip” is an early request for help with jackets.


Final /z/ words (note that some words are spelled with ‘s’ grapheme or letter, but actually make the /z/ phoneme or sound)


bees                            draws                          graze                          Oz                   toes

boys                            eyes                            hose                            paws                toys

breeze                        fizz                             jays                             peas                trees

buzz                            fleas                           keys                            pies                 twos

cheese                      freeze                          knees                          please            

clothes                        fries                           noise                           shoes

cries                           fuzz                            nose                            sneeze

doze                            goes                            ones                            threes

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