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Eliciting sh, ch, j (jump) Sounds


Eliciting ‘sh’ Sound

       An easy way to produce the ‘sh’ sound is to round the lips, place the tongue to the front of the mouth, slightly depressed in the middle and just behind the top front teeth. Making the ‘quiet signal’ helps (pointer finger to the rounded lips).


Initial ‘sh’ words


chef                      sharp                    shelf                     shoe

shade                    she                       shell                     shop

shake                    shears                  shine                     shore

shape                    sheep                    ship                      show

shark                    sheet                    shirt                     shut

*** “Shhh” is good practice to begin saying ‘sh’ words and quiet others.

Final ‘sh’ words


ash                       crash                    flash                     leash           

blush                     crush                    flush                     mash

brush                    dash                     gush                     push

bush                     dish                      hash                     smash

cash                      fish                      hush                     splash


Eliciting ‘ch’ Sound


       ‘Ch’ and ‘j’ sounds are made exactly the same way, except that ‘j’ is made by forcing more air through the mouth (a voiced sound vs. the unvoiced ‘ch’).  ‘Ch’ is comprised of ‘t’ and ‘sh’ sounds quickly placed together, therefore this is an easy place to start producing the sound.  Make the individual sounds right after each other then slowly decrease the amount of space between the two sounds.  


Initial ‘ch’ words


chain                     chase                    cheese                   chin                     

chair                      chat                      chest                        chip

chalk                     check                    chew                       chop

change                 cheek                    chick                     chow

charge                   cheer                    child                     church

*** “Cheese” is sometimes an early food word.


Final ‘ch’ words


batch                    catch                    fetch                    match          reach

beach                    couch                  hatch                    munch          splotch

bench                    crouch                   hitch                     ouch             touch

branch                   crunch                   itch                      peach           watch

bunch                    ditch                     lunch                     pooch           witch


Eliciting ‘j’ (‘jump’) Sound


       ‘J’ can be produced the same way with the combination of sounds being ‘d’ and ‘z’ (as in azure) or ‘g’ (as in beige).  Follow the same guidelines above.



Initial ‘j’ words

gee (G)                 jam                      jeep                      joy

gel                       jar                          jet                       jug

gem                      jaw                       jig                        juice

gym                      jay                       jog                       jump

jack                      jeans                    join                       junk


*** “Juice” is an early drink request.


Final ‘j’ words


badge                    cage                     hedge                    orange

 bridge                   dodge                    huge                     sage

budge                    edge                     ledge                    stage

  bulge                    fudge                    page                     wedge

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