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Eliciting 'th' Sounds

The “th” sound is produced by placing the tongue between the upper and lower teeth, slightly sticking out of the space. Air is passed over the tongue to produce the sound. There is an unvoiced “th” as in “bath” and a voiced “th” as in “bathe.” This is a fun sound to produce as it allows for sticking out your tongue.


Initial 'th' words


thank                           thin                 thirsty                  thud                 thumb

that                             think               thirteen                thumbs            there                      

thing                          this                  thumbtack           thick                 things

thorns                       thump              thigh                    third                  thunder


*** “thanks” is a powerful early politeness term to express gratitude.

Final 'th' words


bath                             moth                            teeth

booth                           mouth                          tooth

both                             path                             with

cloth                            sloth                            wreath

math                            south                           youth

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