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Eliciting f, v Sounds

       The /f/ and /v/ sounds are made by biting the lower lip and pushing air through this constriction. With the cueing to “bite your lip” and seeing a model, the child should be able to produce this sound correctly. The /v/ sound is made by pushing more air through the constriction so that the vocal chords vibrate. /v/ is voiced, while /f/ is unvoiced. Feel your own throat while producing the two different sounds to understand better.

Initial f words


face                            fast                             fin                               five                 fork

fair                             fawn                           fire                             foam               four

fan                              feet                             first                            fog                  full

far                              fence                          fish                             food                fur

farm                            field                            fist                              foot                 phone

***Phone is a great tool to elicit first words.

Final f words


calf                                         half                                         loaf

chef                                        hoof                                        roof

cliff                                         knife                                       safe

cough                                    laugh                                       stuff

fife                                          leaf                                         trough

Initial v words


van                                          veil                                          vet

vane                                        vein                                         vine

vase                                        vent                                         voice

vat                                           vest                                         volt

Final v words


cave                                        drive                                       hive

cove                                        five                                         shave

dive                                         give                                         stove

dove                                        glove                                       wave

***Give is an early direction presented to many young children.

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