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Eliciting d and t Sounds

       The /t/ and /d/ sounds are made by tapping the tongue tip just behind the top front teeth. The /t/ sound is unvoiced, meaning the vocal chords do not vibrate. The /d/ is voiced made by forcing more air through the vocal chords to make them vibrate.

Initial /d/ words


dad                              deep                            dig                               dock                door

dance                          deer                            dime                            doe                  dots

dart                             den                              dirt                              dog                  down

day                              desk                            dish                             doll                  duck

deck                            dice                             dive                             dome               dust


***Done is an early first word indicating completion!

Final /d/ words


add                              bride                           food                            red                  sled

bead                            bud                              glad                             road                slide

bed                              cloud                           head                            sad                  squid

blood                           dad                              hide                             sand                thread

braid                           feed                            lid                                seed                toad

bread                          flood                           pod                              shade              wood

Initial /t/ words


tack                             tape                             ten                               toast                toy

tag                               tart                              tent                             toes                 tub

tail                              tea                               tern                             tongue             tube

talk                              team                            tights                          top                   tug

tall                               tears                           tip                               toss                 tusk

tank                             teeth                           toad                             tow                  two

Final /t/ words


bat                               cut                               hat                               mat                  seat

beet                             feet                             hot                               net                   skate

boat                             flute                            jet                               nut                   spot

boot                             fruit                            kite                             plate                vet

cat                               gate                             knight                         rat                   white

chute                           goat                             light                            root                 write

***What is an early question to gain lots of information.

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