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Eliciting b, p, m Sounds

Eliciting b and p Sounds


          The /b/ and /p/ sounds are made the same, by closing the lips and bursting forth with a blast of air. Sometimes it is helpful to aim the burst of air at a light-weight object, such as a feather or tissue allowing a visual representation. The only difference is that /p/ is unvoiced, a softer sound elicited with less airflow, while the /b/ is voiced by forcing more air through and vibrating the vocal chords. 


Initial /b/ words

baa                  bank                beach              beet                 bird                 buck    


badge              bark                beak                beg                  boar                bud

bag                  barn                bean                bell                  boat                 bug


bake                bass                 bear                belt                  bog                  bulb

bald                 bat                   beard              bench              bone                bus     

ball                  bath                 bed                  bib                   book                bush

band                bay                  bee                  bike                 boot                 bye


***Bye-bye is an easy to say first greeting.


Final /b/ words


bib                               crib                             hub                              shrub

blob                             cub                              knob                            slob

cab                              cube                            lobe                             sub

cob                              globe                           robe                            tub

crab                            grab                            scab                            web


Initial /p/ words


pack                            pan                              paw                             pen                  pond

pail                              pant                             pea                              pie                   pool

paint                           park                            peach                          pig                   pouch

pair                             patch                           peak                            pin                   puck

palm                            path                             pear                            pink                 pup


Final /p/ words

ape                              cup                              jump                            sap                  tape

cap                              drip                             lip                                shape              top

cape                            drop                            map                             ship                 trap

chip                             grape                          pipe                             soap                up

clip                              group                          pup                              soup                wrap

cop                              heap                            rip                               stop                 zip


Eliciting Correct Production of /m/ Sound

            The /m/ sound is made by placing the lips together and making a humming sound.  Minimal air should pass through the nasal cavity producing a slight tickling sensation in the nose.  /m/ is a voiced sound so that the vocal chords will vibrate slightly. 


Initial /m/ words

mad                             mask                            mint                             moose              mouth

mail                             match                          mitt                             mop                 mud

maize                          maze                           mole                            moss                mug

man                             meat                            mom                             moth                mum

map                             milk                             moon                           mouse              mutt


***Mom an early name we anxiously await.

  Final /m/ words

bloom                          dome                           gum                             lime                 stem

broom                          dream                          ham                             mom               stream

clam                            drum                            home                           palm                swim

climb                           flame                          jam                              plum                tam

comb                           foam                           lamb                            room                thumb

dime                            gnome                         limb                             steam              yam


©Kate Ross MS CCC-SLP: 2011.          

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