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Eliciting h, w, y sounds


Eliciting Correct Production of h, w, y Sounds


Eliciting /w/ Sound

            The /h/ sound is an open-mouthed production with no real constriction present.  Children should be able to make this sound at a very early age.  To help with its production, a piece of tissue, paper, or a feather can be used to blow away from the mouth as the sound is made.


hair                 ham                 hand                hard                hat                   hawk              

hay                  head                heart               heel                 help                 hen

here                hi                     hide                 high                 hill                   hit

hog                  hole                 home               hood                hook              hoop

hop                  horn                horse               hose                hot                   hound            

hug                  hum                


***  Hi is an easy first word and greeting to socialize with others.



Eliciting /w/ Sound

            The /w/ sound is made by rounding the lips and blowing air through the constriction.  The lips may barely touch for this sound, but only barely as the /b/ or /p/ sound may result otherwise.

one                  wad                 wag                 walk                wall                 wand  

want                wash                wasp                wave               wax                 web

weed               well                 wet                  wide                wig                  win                 

wind                wing                wink                wipe                wire                 witch

wolf                wood               wool                worm               wow


*** One is an early math concept.



Eliciting “y” Sound

            The “y” sound is elicited by pulling the lips back in a smile and blowing air through the opened mouth.


yak                  yam                 yank                yarn                yawn               yeast  

            yell                  yes                  yolk                 you                  yucky              yummy


*** Yes  - a powerful early affirmation.


©Kate Ross MS CCC-SLP: 2011.

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