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Eliciting k, g sounds


Eliciting Correct Production of /k/ and /g/ Sounds


k, g

       These sounds are made by humping up the tongue in the back and quickly tapping the tongue on the roof of the mouth. The difference between /k/ and /g/ is that /k/ is unvoiced (less airflow) while the /g/ sound is voiced (more airflow).  You can feel a difference by placing your hand on your throat as you produce the sounds.

Common substitutions for these sounds are /t/ for /k/ and /d/ for /g/, which means the child is tapping the front of the tongue to the roof of the mouth just behind the top front teeth, known as fronting.  In order to help a child make this sound correctly, hold the tongue down in the front of the mouth with a finger or a popsicle stick.  In holding this part of the tongue down, it should hump up in the back. Adjust the finger or stick to keep the tongue down in front only, but beware of the gag reflex. 


Suggested words (remember beginning words need functional meaning for each individual child):


Initial /k/ words (note most words start with grapheme ‘c’, but the phoneme or sound is /k/)

cab                  call                  car                  coat                 comb               corn               

cage                camp               card                cob                  come               cow

cake                can                  cart                 cold                 cone                cub

calf                 cap                  cat                   colt                  cool                 cup


keep                kick                 kids                 king

key                  kid                   king                 kite

  • “Can’t” is a powerful early word.


Final /k/ words

back                block               cake                cook                kick                 neck   

bake                book                chalk               dock                lake                 peek

beak                break              check              duck                lock                 puck

bike                 brook              cheek              hawk               look                 rock

black               buck                chick               hook                make               sock   







Initial /g/ words

game                           get                               give                 good

gas                              ghost                           go                    goose

gate                             gift                             goat                 got

geese                          girl                              gone                gum

  • “All gone” is a beginning concept indicating knowledge that something is no longer present.


Final /g/ words

bag                              dig                               frog                            jug                   peg

big                               dog                              hog                              keg                  pig

bog                              egg                              hug                              leg                   rug

bug                              fig                               jig                               log                   slug

clog                             flag                             jog                               mug                 twig




©Kate Ross, MS, CCC-SLP: 2000.

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