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Eliciting l sound


Eliciting /l/ sound

            This sound is somewhat varied, especially depending on what precedes or follows it.  Generally it is made by placing the tongue just behind the top front teeth and passing air through the constriction.  Keep in mind that /l/ is a later developing sound.

Suggested words (remember the beginning words need functional meaning for each individual child):

Initial /l/ words

luck                 leaf                 lid                   

lick                  light                lie

lump                leg                   lots

last                  look                 low

large               love                 lazy

lamb                line                  lip

lamp                lost                  lion

lean                 long                 leopard

link                  lake                 limb

loop                 lock                 lunch

log                   lime                 ladder

loose               lay                   little


*** We all want to hear: “I love you.”


Final /l/ words

            all                                doll                              hall                  nail                  rail

            ball                               drool                            hill                   oil                    roll

            bell                               eel                                howl                 owl                   sail

            bill                               fall                               ill                     pail                  school

            boil                              feel                              jail                   pal                   seal

            bowl                             fool                              mail                 peel                  shell

            bull                               full                               mall                 pill                   skull

            call                               gill                               meal                 pole                 small

            coal                              goal                            mole                pool                 tail

            cool                             full                               mule                 pull                  tool


©Kate Ross MS CCC-SLP 2011.




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