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Practicing Final Sounds in Words


Developmentally, young children often go through a period of time where they make numerous articulation errors, sometimes creating patterns of errors. One such error pattern is to delete the final sound in words.  To guide children through this typical period, practice relevant words from this list. Choose words your child knows and are functional within your child's life. Remember the old saying: "Practice makes perfect"? That is the case with correcting speech sounds.

The list is organized by final sound in somewhat developmental sequence. Please note the list is not exhaustive and not appropriate for all children.  It is meant as a guide only.  As you practice, have fun. Try to avoid making this a CHORE! Be at eye level with your child so your mouth is easily visible as you produce a model of the words.


Final /b/ words

            bib                               cob                              grab                             rub

            blob                             crab                             grub                             scab

            Bob                             crib                              knob                            scrub

            cab                              cub                              lobe                             sub

            club                             cube                             rib                                tub


Final /p/ words

            ape                              clap                             hop                  nap                  soap



beep                            cup                              jeep                 pop                 soup






cap                              dip                               jump                pup                 stop

            cape                             grape                           map                 rope                 top

            chip                             group                           mop                 sheep               up


Final /m/ words

            bloom                          dime                            gum                 lamb                plum

            broom                          dream                          gym                 limb                 room

            clam                             drum                            ham                 lime                 same

            climb                           flame                           home               mom                swim

            comb                           game                            jam                  name                yam


Final /d/ words

            beard                           food                             nod                              sand

            bed                              head                             pod                              seed

            bird                              kid                               read                             sled

           bud                              lid                                red                               toad

            dad                              mud                             road                             wood


Final /t/ words

            bat                               coat                             goat                 light                 rat

            beet                             dot                               hat                   meat                seat

            boat                             eight                            hut                   nut                   skate

            boot                             feet                              jet                    pet                   street

            cat                               gate                              kite                  plate                wet

Final /n/ words

            bean                             clown                          grin                  one                  rain

            bone                            cone                             hen                  pan                  spoon

            brain                            den                              lawn                pen                  stone

            can                               fan                               man                 phone              sun

            chin                             fawn                            moon               plane               train


Final /f/ words

            beef                             cough                           knife                off                   sniff

            calf                              cuff                              laugh                puff                 thief

            chef                             fife                               leaf                  reef                  tough

            chief                            hoof                             loaf                  roof                 whiff

            cliff                              huff                             muff                rough               woof


Final /g/ words

            bag                               dog                              hag                   leg                    rug

            big                               egg                               hog                  log                   slug

            bug                              fig                                hug                  mug                 stag

            clog                              flag                              jog                   pig                   tag      

            dig                               frog                              jug                   rag                   wig


Final /k/ words

            back                             book                            hook                rake                 trick

            bake                             cake                             lake                  rock                 truck

            beak                             cheek                           lock                 smoke              walk

            bike                             chick                            lock                 sock                 yak

            block                           duck                            neck                 stick                yolk


Final /l/ words

            ball                              eel                                jail                   owl                  roll

            bell                              fall                               mail                 pail                  school

            bowl                            fool                              mall                 pal                   seal

            call                               goal                              mole                pole                 shell

            doll                              hill                               nail                  pool                 tail


Final /s/ words

            ace                               face                              ice                                place

            bus                              glass                            juice                             race

            case                             goose                           mess                            rice

            dice                              grass                            moose                          toss

            dress                            house                           mouse                          yes






Final /ks/  (x)


            ax                                 clocks                          jacks                ox                    sax

            backs                           docks                           knocks             packs               six

            books                          facts – fax                    locks – lox       picks – pix      socks

            box                              fix                                makes              Rex                  tacks

            bucks                           fox                               Max                 rocks               tucks


Final /gs /


            bags                             eggs                             jogs                  pegs                 rugs

            begs                             figs                              jugs                  pigs                 tags

            bugs                             frogs                            legs                  pugs                tugs

            digs                              gags                             logs                  rags                  wags

            dogs                             hugs                             mugs                rigs                  wigs


©Kate Ross, MS, CCC-SLP: 2011


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