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A Dozen Ways to Make Sounds Together


  • As you play with animals together, make the sounds for the animals. Ask, what does a cow say?  Child says moo.  You say, Yes, a cow says moo.
  • As you play with vehicles together, make different sounds for the different vehicles.  For example, rrrrr or p-p-p-p-p-p or sssss.
  • Make silly sounds for the toys as you play.
  • Make up silly songs while you play together.
  • Practice making sounds that are difficult for your child.  For example, if he has difficulty making the 'k' sound, practice making it as the baby doll in play asks for a cookie.  k-k-k-k said the baby.  Or perhaps mmmmm to say a cookie is good!
  • Make sounds for certain situations, such as ssss for a flat tire or shhhh for running water.
  • Listen to different kinds of music or musical instruments together.  Try to make the sounds.  For example, pat-a-pat-a-pat for a drum.
  • As you look at books together, make sounds for the pictures.  For example, if there is a picture of a volcano, make a sound for it, whooosh.  If there is a snake, make the hissss.
  • Lie on the floor together.  Be quiet and listen carefully to the sounds of the house.  Try to make the same sounds.
  • Name a noise-making object.  For example, a blender.  Either listen to the blender or just ask, what does a blender sound like?  Whirrrr.
  • Pretend to be a marching band, marching throughout the inside or go outside.  Do not take any instruments or objects.  Use your imagination and mouths or bodies instead.  What silly sounds can you make?
  • Pretend to go to the jungle.  What sounds would you hear there? oo oo ah ah?

© Kate Ross, MS, CCC–SLP  (2011)

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