• Consultation:
    • videos for observation 
    • synchronous visiting, such as Skype
  • Video conferencing
    • transdisciplinary team meetings  
    • in home & in school consultations 
  • Diagnosis with help of a trained SLPA
    • synchronous distance testing 

Telepractice Opportunities

In an effort to assist communities finding it difficult to employ licensed speech-language pathologists in the US and abroad, I offer my services via telepractice opportunities.  The American Speech, Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) recognizes telepractice as a viable means for speech-language pathologists to provide services in a variety of locations, including rural areas. "Telepractice is closely aligned with ASHA's vision: 'to make effective communication, a human right, accessible and achievable for all.'" (The ASHA Leader, March 15, 2011, Vol. 16 No.3; p. 22.) 

I provide live transmission teleconferencing to consult with a team of people working with a child and family. I offer analysis of video recordings of a child or student, providing analysis of the language, communications and speech. I offer information regarding functional communications observed and guidance to alter disruptive negative behaviors into positive communications. I provide a written report of the findings and can be available for teleconference meetings after assessment is complete. I will provide goals and objectives for programming for the child or student. 

In the case of a consultation for an infant or toddler, I teleconference within the home with family and other team members. A video of the child interacting with a familiar caregiver may be confidentially exchanged online.

With older students, I can work directly with a speech-language pathology assistant (SLPA) in your area who will video record or send live transmission of a session with a student.  Through my guidance and supervision, the SLPA will provide hands-on materials. I will observe and analyze the session then provide feedback to the SLPA for progressing forward, modeling and trying new techniques as needed. To complete the process, I provide a thorough written report of my findings for each session.

I strictly abide by ASHA's Code of Professional Ethics.

Fees for these services will be discussed upon request.

To inquire about services please email:  Kate@katerossconsultant.com

Or Call:  802-229-0296