As an Early Childhood Consultant I provide:
  • Program consultation
  • Inclusionary services
  • Staff training
  • Workshop presentations
  • Educational plans
  • Guidance to positive communications
  • Social, emotional, communication, and play advocacy 
  • Language activities for 'circle time' 

Program Consultant

My professional history includes working and consulting in child care settings,  public and private preschools; supporting homeschoolers; facilitating playgroups; and providing home visits to infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and their families. In working with adults, I've supervised and mentored graduate students as well as taught as an adjunct professor, workshop facilitator, and staff in-service trainer. 

For nearly fifteen years, I developed and coordinated a school district's early childhood program, including developing inclusive preschools in five elementary schools. Each town provided a free playgroup and parent support group, along with a toy lending library. I developed and provided a curriculum for playgroup facilitators and parent support leaders to use. 

While coordinating this preschool program, along with the early childhood special educator, we developed a program with a nearby gymnastics facility to provide weekly activities for our children with special needs and for those at-risk for later academic difficulties. In this fun program, children not only developed gross motor skills, but expanded direction following, communication, and socialization efforts within a smaller group setting. It was rewarding and inspiring to watch our young children with challenges blossom during these sessions.