Love my dog . . .

Other Interests

One of my favorite pastimes is dancing, including Morris dancing. This is traditional English folk dancing where six people, known as a side, perform dancing routines together - in England, typically in front of the family-friendly pubs.  My side, Midnight Capers, dances throughout New England, mostly Vermont and Boston areas.  In 2000, we traveled to England to dance with several English sides, even dancing at the Scarborough Fayre!  It was a thrill when we danced in the villages where the dances were created long ago, including Bledington. Check out the You-tube video at the bottom of this page, which shows a jig - time to show off.

I also contra-dance. Contra-dancing is New England style dancing with similar moves to square dancing - though we dress casually and the dancing is formed in two long lines. It is a fabulous way to stay fit - both in a physical sense and mental sense, following directions from a caller.  The music is traditional New England - much of it from the British Isles, Quebec, and Cape Breton- fabulous foot-tapping rhythms!

Other interests include knitting, quilting, gardening, reading, and travel.  Every day I walk my dog, a feisty chocolate labra-doodle.  He is one of my hairy four-legged loves - the other is a Holstein-looking cat. The other loves ever-present in my life are my husband of 30 years, and my two daughters.